The Family Vacation

Ready for that endless slide-show while I drone on about jewel-colored waters and sunburn? Well then, settle in!

Each year I take the kids to the beach for a week. Well, I take the younger two boys. My eldest usually declines because we stay in a family-friendly spot as opposed to a hopping-party spot. The kids practically live in the water during this week and I chill under an umbrella slathered in sunscreen and obsessively watch them in case they get swept out to sea, or attacked by a swarm of jellyfish.

This year the youngest declared that he wanted to fly on a plane somewhere, because he’s never flown and after watching me jet around for business the last eight years, he wants in on some of that action. I immediately thought of my cousin and her family down in Siesta Key who have repeatedly invited us to come down. That’s when I had the Great Idea.

Great Idea = Fly the whole lot of us to Tampa. Spend a few days with my cousin and her family. Get on a cruise ship to some exotic destination.  Continue reading

A Public Service Announcement

Far From Center is temporarily exclusive to Amazon for a three-month run starting today, so if you didn’t grab it from the other retailers, it will be back there in late August.

In other news, water is wet, and the moon is not made of green cheese. And we will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..

The Author Takes a Vacation


Yes, a vacation. I left my corporate day-job at the end of March and am working on finding my groove with writing as my sole gig. For the last few years, I’ve been in crazy-woman manic mode, putting out 4-6 novels per year along with short stories and novellas, all while juggling my corporate career and my equally important job as a mom. Something had to give, and that something, unfortunately, was me. All those hobbies and activities that make life fun got put on hold. Friends and family would think I had been kidnapped by aliens if not for the occasional book release posts. I’ve put on an alarming fifty pounds, because sitting at a computer for fourteen hours per day and existing on leftover chicken nuggets and pizza doesn’t make for a healthy body.

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Two Angels and a Half Elf/Half Succubus

It’s been an amazingly productive year for me so far!  Nyalla’s short story, Liberation, released in January, followed by Amber’s novella, Cornucopia,  and short stories in two anthologies (Once Upon a Kiss and Vampires of the Caribbean). Northern Lights released on the 11th of April, and Gabe is coming your way in Far From Center on April 29th.

Angela is hard at work on the audio for Nothern Lights and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be wrapped up and available mid-May.

I’m heading off for a 3 day weekend writing retreat with fellow author Sarra Cannon (of the Shadow Demons Saga fame). I’ll be working on Unholy Pleasures, which is the next Amber novel, as well as playing around with some short novels that may or may not release later this summer.

If you read the novella (Juneau to Kenai) that came with the Northern Lights pre-orders and want more, those short novels will be about the Northern Wolves, and will carry on with the characters you’ve gotten to know in Northern Lights and Juneau to Kenai.

I know you’ve been missing Sam, but hang tight because Queen of the Damned will release in July. In the six to eight weeks, I’ll be getting the pre-order up for that one.

After a nearly 30 year career in corporate America, I am now a full-time writer.  Honestly, I’ve BEEN a full-time writer for four years, but juggling two demanding careers was proving to be impossible and something had to give.  Lucky for you all I chose writing! It was tough to leave not only a career that I’d devoted so much of my life to, but the company that I’ve worked at for the last 19 years. It’s scary, but I feel free to really organize my time around producing my books now.  And for that- I owe each of you a huge THANK YOU! I’d never be where I am but for my devoted, loyal readers.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who reached out to me with condolences on the loss of my mother last month. She was my biggest fan. I don’t know of anyone else who dragged paperback copies of my books to her Scrabble groups and craft clubs, and tried to interest the elderly ladies at church in my Imp Series. If you all knew my family, and especially my mom, you wouldn’t need to wonder where I get my whacked-out sense of humor. I’ll miss her terribly, and regret that I hadn’t been able to publish those cozy mysteries about the widow skip-tracer who starts seeing ghosts as a result of her cataract surgery. I’m sure they would have gone over better with the church and Scrabble crowd than my beloved foul-mouthed imp.

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Happy Reading!