Templar Series 4-6

All that stands between modern Baltimore and the monsters is the black sheep of the Templar Order in this three book set.

Famine’s Feast – Book 4
An epidemic is overloading Baltimore hospitals, and this time the vampires are finding themselves susceptible.

As the Baltimore’s Templar, Aria must find out who – or what – is responsible and stop them, before the entire city is at death’s door, all while prepping for the Halloween ritual to rid herself of a demon’s mark on both her skin and her soul.

Royal Blood – Book 5
Winter weather can spell death for the homeless, but the bodies found on Baltimore’s streets aren’t homeless and they didn’t die from the cold.

Aria will need to use both her sword and her magic to catch a killer before the Order blames the vampires and decides to kill them all and let God sort them out.

Dark Crossroads – Book 6
After three months of silence, Reynard shows up at Aria’s door asking for her help in ousting a new mage who wants control of Haul Du. She sees no reason to help a man who was more than willing to toss her soul to a demon, but with the threat of an unknown enemy looming Aria needs all the friends she can get—and that might mean aligning herself with those who are more foe than friend.

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