A Templar for the Holidays

Remember my fixation with Airstream campers? Yeah, well remind me never to go to a Home Goods again.img_2502

In other news, Exodus is now available in audio. If you’ve purchased the e-book from Amazon make sure to pick up the audio at a super reduced price. Otherwise, it’s on Audible.

Dead Rising is currently .99, so if you haven’t begun the Templar Series, this is a great time to get your toe in the water.  Amazon, iTunes, B&N, Kobo.

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A Modern Woman

I’m in first grade, and there’s a boy who follows me around, tries to sit next to me at reading time, tries to hold my hand. I ignore him. I scoot away and turn my back on him to talk to my friends. I hurry to the bus to get away from him.  I tell my mother of my frustration, and she thinks it’s cute that this boy has such a crush on me. She tells me to be kind and not hurt his feelings.

My mother who is smart, confident, capable, who wanted to go to college but couldn’t because her parents had limited funds and it was more important to send the two boys to college since they’d need to support families. College for women was an unnecessary extravagance. They’d never use that degree. They’d get married and be homemakers and stay-at-home-mothers. It was a waste of money for all but the wealthy. My mother who felt strongly about equal rights for women had inadvertently told me that this boy’s feelings were more important than mine – that I shouldn’t hurt his feelings, even if that meant I needed to suck it up and put up with his very unwanted attentions. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Toilets

This is me, only with boobs and a lot more profanity.

This is me, only with boobs and a lot more profanity.

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.  Sorry Dickens, there is no “best” in this story.  It’s just bad times, badder times, and worst times.

“The toilet’s clogged,” my 10 year old told me. He’d been using the master bathroom because my eldest was taking a shower in the other one.

“Did you poop?” I asked, because with three boys in my house nothing is TMI.

“No, I just peed.”

Huh. My toilet is one of those ‘can flush a small Hyundai’ toilets that seldom clogs. The one in the kid’s bathroom seems to clog on a daily basis. I’d always blamed it on having three boys, and made sure the plunger and a coat hanger were strategically placed nearby. But my toilet?

“I’ll plunge it once Nick is out of the shower,” I told him since we only have one plunger.

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Two Souls Pre-order Special

The first in my sci-fi series (published under DL Dunbar) is now available for pre-order on Kobo and Amazon.  I’ll have it up on Apple as soon as I can figure out how to work my new Mac.  In the meantime, click the image below for Amazon, or here for Kobo.

Oh, and it’s 0.99.  Yeah, that’s right. I’ve put it on a super-special price just for the pre-order period.  Once the book releases on October 18th, it will go up to $3.99.

Now for the disclaimer: It’s not Urban Fantasy, it’s Space Opera sci-fi. The hero(s) are not Sam. Beta readers so far are loving it, but this book is not “Sam in Space” (although I may have to write that some day). If you love character-driven sci-fi with lots of twisty turns and pew-pew action, then you’ll love it. Just don’t expect your favorite Imp to make a cameo in this series.

In other news, A Suburban Summoning is up on Amazon for 0.99 and the other retailers should have it live any moment now. This is the short story formerly known as Full Moon Mischief from last year’s Nightshade anthology.  You can click and buy, OR you can make sure you’re signed up for either Debra’s Demons, or subscribe to my newsletter/new release alerts. If you do that, expect a newsletter in the next day or so with your link to download this short story FREE!

I’m still working on several projects right now, but it looks like the next release is going to be Famine’s Feast (The Templar IV). I’ll know better when the draft is completed, but I’m guessing it’s going to be out the first few weeks in December.

img_2377With such a busy week, I decided to take some time yesterday for myself and go browse antique shops downtown.  I’m amazed at the amount of mid-20th century china, silverware, and knick-knacks.There was some pretty cool stuff, but this is what I picked up:

It’s a Pyrex fridge container, and I love it. I can’t wait to stick some leftovers in it to re-heat the following day. Yes, that’s the kind of stuff that thrills me lately – leftovers, in vintage Pyrex containers.

County Fair on a Friday

img_2359The kids are off school today because where I live a huge percentage of them are off this week showing their 4H animals at the fair. My eldest did the beef steer/chickens/waterfowl thing in 4H and I remember taking the week off work and staying there with him so he could tend to the steer and do those mid-day showings. He also rocked the cake auction, which has been a big plus on his dating resume.

img_2360My two youngest boys aren’t rocking anything but corndogs, deep fried Oreos, funnel cakes, and tons of rides. In typical Maryland fashion, the fall weather vanished today leaving us sweating in 90 degree temps with the aroma of fried food and cow poo all around.

Actually I love the county fair. This is the place where I can get on the Scrambler with my kids, contemplate buying a $20,000 tractor to mow the 1/10 acre of grass in my 2 acres of woods, and admire the arts and crafts entries.  It’s an annual tradition for us to go to the Demolition Derby, and I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get tickets for Foreigner or .38 Special this year.  I usually try to make it to the I-Grew-Up-In-The-80’s band. The fair also has a beer garden, which I’ve never been to as I’m always there with the kids. Maybe when they’re teenagers and ditch me to go hang with their friends, I’ll sit in the beer garden, throw back a few cold ones, and count down the seconds until the kids come racing back to get more money.

img_2361So no beer, but there was this.  The chainsaw artist had this amazing life-sized (I can only assume since I’ve never actually met one) Bigfoot carving.  If I had a few grand extra I totally would have bought this. I still might. I’m on their mailing list.

In writing news, Two Souls is back from edit. I’m reviewing this week, then it will go to the proofreader, then up for pre-order probably late next week. Release date looks like it might be October 17th.  BIG NEWS – Buy Two Souls in pre-order or the first week of release and you’ll get it for 99 cents.  After that it goes up to $3.99.  I’ve never done a release week discount before, so you’ll want to jump on this one!

Last Breath is now available on Audible. We’re working on Exodus, but don’t expect that until late Novemberish.

In the meantime, I’m working on Famine’s Feast (The Templar, Book 4) and wishing I’d picked up an extra bag of kettle corn. Mmmmm. Kettle Corn.