Box Set Sale

I know you all are patiently (?) waiting for Exodus to come out, but in the meanwhile, this box set is on sale for just a few more days!
Five full length novels, including the first book in my Templar Series, Dead Rising.  Get it now before the price goes up.

Dead Rising Sale

If you’re a total slacker and haven’t started the Templar Series yet, here’s one excellent reason to one-click: Book 1, Dead Rising is on sale this week only for 0.99.  Grab it quick before the price jumps back up to $4.99!
Bare Bones was released today, so you can binge-read all three books in the series, then wait impatiently for book four, Famine’s Feast, which will be released at the end of the year.  Enjoy!

Bare Bones – The Templar, Book 3

Four days and counting until Bare Bones is released!  In the meantime, you can pre-order the book HERE.  For now, the Templar series is only available through Amazon, and you can read it free through Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber.  In August, the series will no longer be available through Kindle Unlimited, but will be distributed at other channels. So if you’re a KU subscriber, get it now!

Next on deck: Exodus, Imp Series Book 8 (Late July), and Book 1 of my new science fiction series, 20 Sectors – Two Souls (Mid September) Neither of these will be on Amazon pre-order, so make sure you’re subscribed to new release alerts so you don’t miss these two novels!

Just to get you hooked, here’s the first chapter from Bare Bones ———

Chapter 1

“So it’s a love charm?” Janice tilted the amulet, regarding it with a skeptical eye. The reporter was sprawled on my couch, her long legs propped up on my coffee table. She was wearing her usual trim slacks and well-tailored, button-down shirt, but the new copper highlights in her hair and mascara on her lashes heralded the significance of today’s activities.

We were going to find Janice a boyfriend.

Not that I was anybody’s idea of a matchmaker. Nor was I a posterchild for success in love. My last significant relationship had been over two years ago. Right now I was alternating between lusting over a vampire that I couldn’t have and sending mixed signals to one of my gaming friends. Continue reading

New Release – Dead Rising

It’s alive!!! Dead Rising, Book 1 in my new Templar Series, was released yesterday. You can get it at Amazon, and if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, then you can read it for free.

Last Breath, book 2, is in revisions right now and will go off to edit in February for a March 17th release date.  It’s available on pre-order HERE.

Which means in a few weeks I’ll be starting on book 3, Bare Bones.  Stay tuned for a cover reveal and release date on that one. After I have those 3 books out, I’ll be turning my attention back to Sam and book 8 of the Imp Series – Exodus.

Happy reading!