New Release – Bad Seed

The fourth and final book in the Northern Wolves Series is now available! It’s exclusive through Amazon, so if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read it for free.  This series will begin to go into wide distribution starting next month, but this one will be in Amazon only until the beginning of next year.  Here’s a little snippet to get you going 🙂


I woke up in the morning staring at the pile at the end of my bed. I wasn’t the only one. Presents. Just like Christmas morning, except without the bows and wrapping paper. Mir stirred in her bed, her eyes foggy with sleep until she saw the stash. Then she bolted upright and stared just like the rest of us.

Well, it wasn’t like I expected these things to explode so I eased out of bed and went over to the pile to sort through it. Three pairs of workout pants and tops. Two pairs heavy-duty tan work pants. A cell phone, activated and loaded with numbers that I assumed were for my pack members. And best of all, a coffee maker and two bags of dark-roast coffee grounds.

I had no doubt who they’d come from, because the whole lot smelled like Jake. I did wonder how the heck he’d managed to sneak in the dorm room like a werewolf Santa Claus, deliver these gifts, and leave without anyone noticing. Continue reading

Winter Fae Release

Book 3 in the Northern Wolves Series is out! Get it now at Amazon.
After dropping off a pair of Denali Pack wolves Dustin sees an overturned truck in the wilderness with an injured human desperate for rescue. What he finds when he lands is a trap. Shot and running for his life, Dustin’s wolf instinct takes over and heads him toward a shimmering oasis straight out of a fantasy novel.

Gwylla is on loan from Aerie to the elves, but now that they’ve migrated from Hel, they’re using her magic in ways she never intended. When a gravely injured wolf cries for help at the heart-tree of her sanctuary, she sees firsthand the horrors her magic has caused.

Instead of healing an injured animal, Gwylla finds she has saved a man and is now promise-bound to keep him safe for the rest of his natural life—which means she must punish those responsible for the attack and reclaim her magic, all while protecting her reckless wolf-man as he avenges shifter deaths and defends his pack.

I’ll be posting pre-order links for the final novel in this series in a week or so, but expect Bad Seed, Northern Wolves Book 4, to release end of September/early October!

Vampires of the Caribbean


Dead men DO tell tales! Tomorrow (March 15th) is the release of this fun anthology with 10 short stories all about vampires in the (you guessed it) Caribbean. Some stories are sexy, some funny, some light, some dark. I’ve got one in there about Dario when he was a human and first meets the Balaj. Don’t miss this one – especially at the great price of 0.99!
ALSO – I just picked up my buddy Nikki Jefford’s box set of her Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series book 1-3.  It’s on sale as a set for 0.99 through the 19th. I loved her story about Fane in the Vampires of the Caribbean anthology and am eager to dive into this world.  Even better – it’s set in Alaska just like Rafi’s Northern Lights story.  Great minds obviously think alike!
Grab it now before the sale is over – exclusively on Amazon.

Northern Lights, Liberation, and a Kiss

New releases and soon-to-be releases!

Raphael is an Angel of Order. . . sort of. His affinity for chaos makes him the perfect choice to investigate the trespass in Alaska of supernatural creatures not seen in eons. But the locals in Juneau have been keeping a secret for thousands of years –the disgraceful offspring of an angel and a demon. Raphael should execute her on the spot, or at the very least throw her into Hel with the rest of her kind, but Raphael has never been one to follow the rules.

Continue reading