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Tags: book review

Operation Cinderella

In the wake of this year’s divisive elections, Operation Cinderella gives us faith that not only can staunch supporters of opposing parties find common ground, but they can also make good bedfellows.  Hope Tarr spins this fun romance that, at times, reminds me of a modern day Pride and Prejudice. 

Looking Through Lace

Looking Through Lace – Ruth Nestvold Toni Donato is a xenolinguist, normally working behind the scenes, cataloging inflection, grammar, and structure of alien languages in massive databases, but she’s finally gotten her big break to do field research.  On the planet, Christmas, the women appear to have a distinct, secret language from the men, and […]

Pointe of No Return

Pointe of No Return ( A Dani Spevak Mystery) – by Amanda Brice When this book came up as the November selection for the Washington Loves Romance bookclub, I hesitated.  I seldom read young adult books, and this book borders on mid grade (young teen and pre-teen).  I wasn’t sure how I’d like reading a […]

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