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Tags: Dark Fantasy

An Update on Imp Forsaken

Just warning everyone that this will be a bit spoilerish if you haven’t read Devil’s Paw (Imp Series, book 4) yet.  I agonized over ending Devil’s Paw where I did. Leaving Sam badly injured, banished to Hel, her bond with Gregory broken was just as painful to me as it was to readers.  Sam has […]

Storm Dancer

Storm Dancer by Rayne Hall was my first ‘book on the beach’ this vacation season.  It’s a dark fantasy full of despotic rulers, political jockeying, and poetic language.  But there’s more.  It’s the ‘more’ that makes this book thought-provoking and sometimes uncomfortable.  It’s a story about redefining ethics.  It’s a story that explores the very personal […]

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