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Tags: vampires

Matriculated Death

My second Book-On-The-Beach this summer was Matriculated Death by Maryanne Wells and Naomi O’Connors. You’d expect to see vampires and zombies at a law school, right?  Ghosts too?   I mean, all that student ambition fueled by excessive caffeine and jumped into overdrive by sleep deprivation is bound to create a breeding ground for the paranormal.  […]

Thinking Outside the Blood

There was a lively (and somewhat heated) discussion on Twitter this past week concerning vampires and their choice of food.    The discussion took an abrupt turn when I opinioned that blood was probably a better source of life-essence then, say, toenails.   And down the rabbit hole we went, my Twitter friends and I, conjecturing on […]

Discussing Deadlocked

Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel – Charlaine Harris I don’t often review the big dogs.  I have a secret desire to find that amazing debut/self-published/small press novel and be the first to hold it up and acclaim its greatness.  Still, I’ve read all of the Sookie novels and think a popular work is worth discussion. […]

Dangers in Paranormal Dating

I read a cool blog post last week talking about why it might not be so fun being married to a vampire.  Got me to thinking there are some significant downsides to dating any supernatural being. Angels: If you can fit a million of them on a head of a pin, their important parts are […]

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