When Natalie Gibson posted on Facebook that she’d published a short, erotic story about furry fetish, I promptly bought it.

Furry fetish often gets lumped into BDSM erotica, but it’s truly a world unto itself. The furryfandom ranges from people who enjoy dressing and role playing as anthropomorphic animals, to a desire to engage in sexual activity while one or both partners are acting in their animal roles. I’m no expert, but I love a good dress-up, and am always looking for a new kink to read.

In Blind Furry, Mark’s horrible “friends


  1. For all the many types of erotica/bdsm books I’ve read, I haven’t seen anything like the one you mentioned above. Though I’m not into that lifestyle myself, I think it’s great to see authors go outside the normal boundaries to explore different fetishes. Good review!

    1. It was a fun story – conventional sex, but the costume and playacting part was really neat. I love learning about new stuff!

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