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Reah is a young girl, broken and cowed by her family.  She is conscripted into the military only to receive the same bullying treatment at the hands of her military colleagues.  When a horrible prank goes wrong, she finds herself on a hostile planet, enslaved and having to pretend to be a local to avoid execution.

I wasn’t sure how the author was going to pull this one off as her main character started out too afraid to even meet anyone’s eyes.  Reah’s sole coping technique was to fade into the background, to obey every order and hope no one lost their temper and beat the crap out of her.  Her only solace is in her love of cooking – it’s in the kitchen that she can let her creativity and sprit come to life.  Unfortunately, even in the kitchen, Reah finds herself a victim.  Demon Lost begins as a Cinderella story without the mice and fairy godmother, but quickly takes an action turn as Reah is forced out of the kitchen to battle horrific demons intent on “turning

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