One of the downsides of going the self-publishing route is that some doors are closed in my face.  There are readers who are happy to give my book a chance, and readers that I have to slowly win over.  It’s the same with book reviewers.

Amazon reviews are only part of the picture, getting a book blogger to read my book, then post a review on their website is a major feat.  Some of the larger, well -known review sites won’t even accept indy or self published works, and others have submission policies regarding Advance Review Copies (ARC) that are geared toward traditionally published works.  There’s no lengthy delay between the final edits of my book and its publication, so there is no way I can send a review site my .mobi file 30-90 days prior to its release.  And it’s not in my best interest to hold off a release just to submit to review sites that aren’t likely to even open my file.

So I am thrilled anytime a book reviewer agrees to take a look at my novel, expecially those that do so unsolicitied.  And here’s the first for A DEMON BOUND: Honest Indie Book Reviews  Woot, woot!

Thank you so much for giving my book a chance.  I’m glad you enjoyed it, and truly appreciate the time it took to compose and post a review.



  1. I checked out the review and thought it was great. Just posted my own on my blog as well. I seriously think you have a great series going and people should be flocking to read your books! Looking forward to the next one you are working on as well 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am heading over now.

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