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Are you ready to join Debra’s Demons?  Here’s the scoop: What do Debra’s Demons do?

  • Spread the word!
  • Write reviews – when you read one of my books, post an honest review.
  • Ask bloggers/reviewers/book clubs to read the Imp Series and Imp World novels
  • Share Facebook posts and re-Tweet.
  • Talk up the books on Goodreads and other reader sites.
  • Generally be uber fans and scream with silly abandon when new books come out.
  • Let me know how you’re doing, and ideas on how to spread impishness the world over!

Easy, huh?  Well, here’s what Debra’s Demons get:

  • Inclusion in a private Facebook group where you’ll receive early peeks at cover releases and the inside scoop on all things Imp.  You’ll be able to weigh in on ideas, and ask me questions about the books without fear that your message or e-mail got buried under the stacks of 495 reports.
  • Occasional cool promo stuff, such as Imp Kits, and chicken wands, sent to demons chosen at random.
  • A private newsletter with early cover reveals, the latest info on new releases, and excerpts that no one else will get!
  • Hang with me and enjoy a cold beer (or other beverage) on my dime (or Sam’s) at conferences I’m attending.
  • And more!

Debra’s Demons can be anywhere in the world – yes I will ship any goodies you win to anywhere.  Well, anywhere except Hel and Aaru.  Demons, Angels, and Elves must have a valid postal address in this realm in order to participate. Ready?  Hit the JOIN button and get started!

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34 thoughts on “Debra’s Demons

  1. The Imp series is so damn good. I can’t believe I missed it. I don’t understand how I could’ve, but I’m grateful I didn’t have to wait and could gleefully just download the next book.
    I binged the whole lot. Urgh, a bloody series! Angela Rysk’s voice fits so perfectly.

    • I am considering an audio version of the series, but won’t make that decision until I finish up with the audio for the Half-breed Series and the Imp Series. If I do decide to release the White Lightning Series in audio, it will most likely be available late winter/early spring.

  2. Absolutely loved all of the books that I have read so far.. Need more books….. LOTS of questions on what’s next. And theories too. Ah too much for now. I have also been listening to the series on Audible. Love Angela Rysk as the voice of the Imp Series. About to start the Templer series now as well.

  3. Can you write a short story on breeding contracts and show a deliberately seductive side to Gregory. Namely Gregory trying to seduce Sam into considering a breeding contract with him. Since he got pissed that his “brother in law

  4. I really think you should have a novella just on the council meetings – that being said I would love to have Trump Towers being the go-to for all said meetings?

  5. O.K. I began to start re-reading Devils Paw as I was suffering from some major Demon Withdrawal – laughed my ass off – again – throwing pastry at the Council Meetings – done that and so much fun – arriving at council meeting nude……well damn we should never let those moments pass!

  6. I found myself laughing out loud and relating to Sam within the first 20 pages of “A Demon Bound”. Just finished book 8 and cannot wait to read “Queen of the Damned”.
    I haven’t found an author I enjoy reading as much as Debra for years and it feels great!

  7. When will the book chaos unleashed be out? When will the queen of the dampened be out? Loved the imp series.

    Valerie Culp

  8. Hahaha , she is such a dick ! These books have improved my prerequisite for mischief immensely… need more.. write faster or I’ll send a chimera into your stables .. and no you’re not allowed to ride it x

  9. love the series, I’ve read quite a few of your books now and you’ve become my favorite author.
    keep up the great work, and oh yeah, write faster.

  10. Hi Debra, I am enjoying your imp series a lot. I am seeing some recurring typos of the sort spell checking overlooks: he the for the, then for than, just saw sprit for spirit. I think these are hard for proofreaders to catch, more likely to be found by someone reading for pleasure . . .

    • I’m actually having the entire series re-edited and checked for consistency so those pesky typos should soon be gone! My new novels undergo two cycles of editing. It slows down the publication process a bit, but it’s just too difficult for one copyeditor to catch everything!

  11. Loving reading about the characters and their evolution all the way through the series, they are amazing and so is your writing.

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  13. Deb – You so need to write faster! I’ve run out of your books! The Imp Series is amazing and I love the Templar series too! No pressure here, but seriously, write faster!!!

  14. I think all the Imp books are great but I was especially happy to see Sam go back to her more demon-like self in terms of not being overly concerned with people/angels/demons dying. The book before this one was still great but it was like she was becoming GOOD and that just doesn’t fit for Sam in my opinion. Going to start reading The Templar series now. Thanks for writing so many cool books!

  15. This series is everything I love in a book: sarcasm, violence, sexy times, and a great short plot as well as long arching storyline. Keep em coming lady!

  16. Love the imp series! Powered through every book one after the other, couldn’t put them down. I’m super excited to see what new powers Sam will gather in the next book. Will she finally get Gregory to grow a cock? Finally conquer all of Hel? Hit Gabe in the face with a pie?

    The half breed series rocks too! Super sexy! The cross over that was started in Kingdom of Lies will be amazing. Bring on the demons and let’s fix Hel.

    • Thanks for reading, Belinda! Sins of the Flesh (Half Breed Book 2) will be out spring of 2015. These books take a bit longer to write since they are destination books and there’s a lot of research involved. This one will take place in Maui, if you hadn’t guessed!

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