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Imp Forsaken Cover Web VersionThe countdown to the November 1st release date is on!  I’ve posted Excerpt 1 and Excerpt 2 – both part of Chapter 1, and now I am letting you all see Chapter 2.

Imp Forsaken is not just about Sam’s journey in Hel, it’s also about the aftermath of Devil’s Paw and the volatile political situation in Aaru, so there will be chapters with Sam’s point of view, and chapters about Aaru, told from Gabriel’s point of view.


Gabriel stood outside the decrepit Cape Cod style house, under the spreading canopy of an ancient maple tree.  Cicadas filled the humid summer air with their mating song.  Blue light flickered from the windows, illuminating the gray dusk.  The angel hesitated, uncertain of the modern protocol of requesting entry into a human’s dwelling.  Should he vocalize something?  Rap on the entrance with his knuckles?  One of his angels had told him to push the little beige button beside the door, but he suspected that angel’s knowledge might be less than accurate.

Eventually he gave up. Eldest brother?  May I speak with you?

He felt like a child, or a lesser angel requesting an audience. The uncomfortable feeling grew as his request was met with a long silence.

A moment.  I am killing undead at present.

Undead?  Necromancy was a lost art, but the humans had made some impressive medical advances lately.  Clearly those advances had gone wrong if the head of the Grigori felt the need to temporarily put aside his duties to address the issue.  One more thing the humans had messed up in their frenetic evolutionary pace.  Gabriel frowned at the window, wondering if intervention would be welcome, or if it would be perceived as a slight upon his brother’s ability to massacre animated corpses unassisted.

Just as Gabriel was about to rush the door, it opened. A tall figure stood in the entrance, blocking the light from within the house.  With a few words to someone behind him, the angel closed the door and headed toward Gabriel with a relaxed stride.  The older angel carried some sort of bag in one hand.  It crinkled noisily as he folded the top down.

“This better be good.  I’ve left the fate of the world hanging in the hands of a human with rather poor fine-motor skills.


  1. Yes, and Gregory memorizes the logic trees like it’s basic math. Plus there’s that whole omnipotence thing. I’m sure he’s a bummer to play against 🙂

    • Marianne

    • 10 years ago

    Well, can’t really blame him, can we? Here he is, a seasoned
    Zombie killing machine, and then an angel comes along, dissing his fine-motor skills;-) It’s not like he’s had the opportunity to practice on RL populations like, say the ancient Babylonians or pharaos like Gregory has. The poor guy hasn’t even witnessed a measly deluge,for pity’s sake;-) No wonder his ego is a little sore.

  2. Yes, my favorite angel has come a long way since book 1! Although I can’t imagine Wyatt is too happy to have him as a gaming buddy.

    • Marianne

    • 10 years ago

    Haha. Poor Gabe. Sam’s messing with him even when she’s in Hel;-)
    I just love Gregory’s new and demonically improved view on sinning. Lying, eating trash food and playing online games. Surely at least 3 deadly sins right there. Sam will be so proud;-)

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