I was at the beach with the kids last week, so my days were filled with water parks, sand and surf, arcades, and ensuring my 3 year old son survives to see his next birthday.  My nights, I relaxed listening to the waves crash on the beach, with a cold brew and some smutty reads.  Ah, vacation!  Here’s the best of mine:

Taken – Selena Kitt

Selena Kitt is a big dog in the erotica world.  You can pretty much pick any of her extensive selection of writings and be confident that you’ve got something good in your hot little hands. In Taken, Lizzie is a young woman working a summer job to earn some cash before going back to college in the fall, when she begins a torrid affair with her older office supervisor, Sarah. Their emotionally and sexually satisfying fling includes some light BDSM, a ménage with co-worker, David, and a really hot voyeuristic scene.   The end of summer signals the end of an ideal sexual escapade and Lizzie feels Sarah began distance herself and draw closer to David.  A bittersweet ending of beautiful things that just can’t last forever, but will always remain a cherished memory.  Even if you’re not a fan of female/female erotica, give this one a try.  The girl  on girl scenes are an incredible turn-on.  This book is well written, it’s more than just a steamy collection of erotic moments.     Four stars.

Hot and Humid – Maurine Shaw

Hot is a good description for this short story.  Heather is enjoying a relaxing vacation at the beach after all the stresses of work, when an overly friendly, loose dog interrupts her sunning.  It’s hard to be irritated when the dog owner is apologetic – and soooo gorgeous!    Imagine Heather’s surprise, embarrassment (and delight!) when the beach god catches her in the buff after shower when he lets himself in to fix the rental’s broken AC.  Our hottie, Clay, asks Heather to join him for a cup of coffee (and so much more!).   Sex under a pier during a thunderstorm was my favorite.   Character development is great.  Heather is very real, and I enjoyed that Clay was more than the stereotyped surfer dude.  Well written.  It’s a short, but I wish it had been a bit longer so I could have enjoyed more time with Heather and Clay.  Four stars.

Tame Me – LB James

I was thrilled to find this paranormal erotica, cause I love werewolves getting it on!  Nika’s claiming is at hand, and she worries that the male werewolf who wins the right to woo her won’t be the one she dreams about, her childhood friend Ryland.  Ryland is strong enough to be a contender, but Nika doubts he is even interested in her.  With her wrists bound, blindfolded, and sense of smell dulled, Nika will spend the night being seduced by a male werewolf who has until dawn to convince her with only his touch to accept him as her mate. Holy cow, this is truly one of the hottest things I’ve read in a long time.  I read it over and over.  Great writing, perfect in sexual tension.  Five stars.

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