Last month I was asked about my criteria when reviewing erotica.  I do look at many of the same things I would look at in a full sized novel, but not quite in the same way.  Erotic literature is short and to the point, like a snapshot, a snippet of a novel boiled down to emotion and sharp imagery.  I don’t expect complex character development, but I do expect to identify with the individuals.  Often there is no plot, but there should be a theme and a contained event. I still expect a beginning, a middle, and an end, although those can look very different then they would in a larger story.  Most importantly I expect to be transported right into the action, to feel as if it were happening to me.  When the story is done, I want to feel breathless, alive.  Added points if I feel the urge to go find Sweetie and attack him mercilessly.  Super added points if I can’t even finish the story before I have that urge!

This week I’ve got three to review.  Eight actually if you take the last two stories as segments.  That’s a whole lotta lovin’ to start out your summer right!

Sarah’s Chase – by Lacey Wolfe

Sarah has been abstinent for a year following her second divorce, and she’s ready to break that cycle.  The neighborhood player, Chase, seems an ideal candidate for a no-strings-attached sexual encounter, but he’s twenty-eight to her forty-five.  With all the young hotties lining up for his attentions, Sarah doubts Chase will be interested, but she takes a chance anyway.  Chase sees right through Sarah’s “can you help me change a light bulb

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