Everyone else is watching It’s A Wonderful Life, or Charlie Brown Christmas, and I’m watching a movie about teens who spend every waking moment having sex, doing drugs, and stealing.  And every non waking moment passed out between a toilet and a bathtub in a flophouse.  I blame Sweetie, who has taken control of my Netflix queue and inexplicably orders these movies during what should be a cheerful holiday season. 

The movie starts out with Telly, a skinny braggart who prides himself on only having sex with virgins.  Given the neighborhood, that means Telly’s partners tend to be around the age of 12.  He smooth talks these children into consent with stories of how he thinks about them all the time, cares about them, believes they are beautiful.  He tells them how much they will enjoy it, and then once he gets the green light, he proceeds with a lengthy, selfish act, even though the girl is obviously in pain and NOT enjoying it.  It’s a very fine line to rape, and in my mind Telly crosses it.  After sex, he moves on to seduction of his next victim, never speaking to his prior partners again.

His buddy, Casper, is more of a sidekick.  He is in admiration of Telly’s conquests, even though he teases him for being a “perv

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