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*Naughty Mom is a series of erotic short stories intended for readers over the age of eighteen.  It features explicit sexual acts within a monogamous relationship.*

More teasers!  Here’s a snippet from my Naughty Mom series, to be released mid February.  In this story, Naughty Mom and The Husband are off on a much needed vacation.  This snippet is from the limo ride to the airport.  Enjoy!


He watched me for a moment, that gleam coming back to his eyes.  I shifted on my seat, hiking up my skirt and flashing him briefly.  The gleam turned predatory, and I tensed.  With an explosion of speed, The Husband launched himself toward me.  I shrieked and dove forward, trying to get to the rear of the limo.  I would have made it too, except he stretched out and grabbed my leg.  He yanked and I hit the floor, giving him time to snatch me up and deposit me on the rear seat of the limo.  I was sprawled on the leather, skirt up to my waist with The Husband holding me in place by my shoulders.

“I think I want to start my vacation early, right here, in this limo,

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