A changling and a half-drow turned me on to this video

Once again I am about to terrify all my readers by admitting a dark not-so-secret.  I have an inner geek.  Not just the geek that admits to reading statistical analysis on purpose, and enjoying it.  Not just the geek that can go on for hours about the symbolism of numbers, or shapes, or animals in a variety of cultures.  I’m the geek that plays Dungeons and Dragons with other middle aged, potato chip eating individuals at her brother’s house once or twice a month as schedules allow.

It all started when I was in high school, where I was the ‘sexy librarian’ type, minus the sexy.  I loved Dungeons and Dragons back then, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s when my obsession truly started.  My brother introduced me to one of his friends, who promptly commented that I looked like Tasha Yar from Star Trek, The Next Generation.  I was immediately embraced as a kindred spirit by a group of Klingon-speaking, LARP playing geeks.  Kind of a guest-geek.  Before I could roll a 20 sider, I was knee deep in a variety of D&D games.

I abandoned my inner geek for a while.  Work, family, other more socially acceptable hobbies filled my time.  But now I’m back, like the prodigal daughter, playing a human cleric in an Eberron game.  I’m still a guest-geek.  I don’t know all the differences between the various rules editions, but I was surprised to learn I didn’t get two bow attacks per round.  Huh.  Times they are a changing.  I leave the nit-picking up to the DM and provide a sort of improve comedy, and a fantasy writer’s imagination to our little group.  I haven’t been kicked out yet, so I guess they like me.  Well, and my brother IS the DM.

Let me know your secret life.  Does it involve rolling a D8 for damage?

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