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Yep.  You read that right – Plentiful Package by Melissa Craig.  I’m a big fan of alliteration, and the name just made me giggle.  I’d heard the author read some excerpts on The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson Show podcast, and plopped Plentiful Package right into my Kindle.  Here’s the lowdown:

Jenna has been friends with Andy and Ryan for over five years.  She watched as Andy rose to local fame in the regional kite surfing contests, even qualifying time and time again at the national level.  Five years ago it seemed they were on the verge of taking their friendship one step further, but the opportunity passed and each of them went on their ways.  Now Jenna is a manager at a watersport company with both Ryan and Andy as employees.  She’s never quite lost the intense desire she feels for Andy, and she’s struggling to keep things professional between them.  Andy has become a cocky playboy with a stream of conquests.  He pushes Jenna’s every button.  He’s a no-show for clients, has sex with co-workers during work hours on company property.  Still, Jenna remembers a different Andy, one from five years ago, and longs to bring him back.

We’ve all wanted to tame the player sometime or another in our lives, to be the one that curbs his cheatin ways.  Andy is so darned hot, so irresistible, so naughty in his little-boy way that, personally, I’d be tempted to ignore all the red flags and jump that thang.   Plus there is that whole forbidden manager/employee angle.  Should Jenna go for it? Will she ever notice that her friend Ryan is more than half in love with her? What about the mysterious guy on the motorcycle?  Jenna has been nose to the grindstone at work for too long, and it’s clear from page one she needs a relationship.  Not just sex, but a relationship.  But can Andy ever give that to her, given his bed-hopping?

The imagery of Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia really set the scene for this erotic story.  I could feel the heat, the sand and the surf.  It made me long to grab my passport and hop on a plane.  The sex scenes are smoking hot, graphic, with enough slang to make them modern and edgy.  I read the whole book with the author’s Aussie accent running through my head, which probably added considerably to the appeal.  If you’re in the mood for a gorgeous kite surfer in paradise, this is the book for you.  Voyeurism, self-pleasure, and intercourse, with lots of build-up and tension.  Five stars.

NOTE: Melissa Craig’s second novel in the series, Ample Attraction, was nominated this year for a coveted AARA award, which puts her in the lofty company of Sylvia Day and other Big Dogs.  Pick up both books and discover why.


  1. I’ve got Ample Attraction on my Kindle – waiting for that special evening when I need a little inspiration LOL.

  2. I enjoyed the novel too and can’t wait to read the sequels. Melissa Craig’s slang gets rather colorful, but it certainly adds to the voice and uniqueness!

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