Because I can’t help but share a little, here’s a quick excerpt from Stolen Souls. Please remember this is a VERY early 1st draft.  It’s raw with no edits or revisions at all.   Here’s the summary for the novel:

Nyalla is dog-sitting for Satan.  It’s a sweet gig for a girl who, up until recently, had been a slave to the elves in Hel.  The house is amazing, she’s got the key to the Corvette, and although Boomer is a Hellhound, he’s also a lovable, slobbery companion.

When a newly interred corpse vanishes, followed by a series of grisly murders, Nyalla can’t help but wonder if Boomer’s odd diet has taken a deadly turn.  Could the dog be to blame or is there a more sinister creature on the loose?  Nyalla must stop who is behind it all before more die – and before the county puts Boomer on death row.

*NOTE: Nyalla has an accent and is a bit confused by human customs here.  No one is going to believe she’s spent her life as a slave to the elves in Hel, so she’s taken to telling everyone she’s from Finland.


“Nyalla!  Get down!


    • Amanda Peters

    • 9 years ago

    I can’t wait for this! I only came across your first book in this series two months ago, and have just finished Forsaken Imp. Really enjoyed reading your books they’ve managed to hold my attention. I suffer a chronic pain condition so being able to escape like this has been fantastic. As soon as the book is available in the UK it will be on my kindle and being devoured (aha a bad pun!).
    Thank you

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! The next book (a spin-off titled No Man’s Land) should be out around the 7th of February. Stolen Souls is in revision and is due to release mid-March. I hope you enjoy them too!

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