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Next week, it’s off to the beach for me.  In addition to sun, sand, water parks and arcades, I plan on writing IMP FORSAKEN (Imp 5) and editing DEVIL’S PAW (Imp 4).  And I plan on spending some quality time with my Kindle.  I’ve got over 60 books in my TBR, and 11 right now in my Summer Reads category, but not all of them are suitable beach-books.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Sleight of Hand – Mark Henwick

Kick-ass heroine:  Army veteran turned PI with a tricky paranormal case to solve.  I’m really in the mood for a good fantasy/detective novel.  As soon as my toes hit the sand, this is the first one I’m cracking open. And you can’t stop me either, so don’t even try!

Drawing the Line – Kimberly Kincaid

What’s a beach week without a little romance?  A woman is in protective custody after witnessing a horrible crime, and the detective charged with her care is hot, hot, hot.  Sparks fly and. . . well. . . you know.

Darkness Taunts – Susan Ilene

This one isn’t due out until after my beach week, but I’m hoping I’ll get an ARC.  Awesome Urban Fantasy set in Alaska with a strong female lead (another Army vet!), and a sexy half angel.  Mmmm, mmm!   The cover/link above is for the first in the series, which I loved.  Hope the second one comes out soon – I hate when publication dates don’t align with my vacation schedule.

Magic Rises – Ilona Andrews

Same with this one.  It’s not due out until the end of July, but if some miracle occurs and an ARC arrives in my inbox, I’ll be all over it.  Maybe there will be a lottery ticket in my inbox too.  I love the Kate Daniels series, and although the last one wasn’t my favorite, I have high hopes for this one.

Maybe Books:

Deadly Sting – Jennifer Estep

I was slow to warm up to Owen, and just when I’m starting to get fond of this “beta


  1. Thanks, Mark! I will check these out, they sound really intriguing.

  2. Thanks!
    You probably have read all the standards, so these recommendations are from the unusual pile.

    Aladdin’s Samovar – Lauren Sweet (My editor’s book. Hot genie, batty mother, dogs, dwarves and the mafia)
    Huntress Moon – Alexandra Sokoloff (FBI procedural mixed with UF)
    Natural Causes – James Oswald (Scottish police procedural / horror)
    Pierced – JC Mell (Just crazy UF, with MC who’s either deranged or has the only possible sane coping mechanism for insane trauma)

    Rom com
    Two for One – Sean David Wright (Very unusual scenario, *not* male fantasy as it appears at a glance, hilarious grumpy MC)

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