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Elven Blood CoverAngela Rysk, my narrator, has begun uploading chapters for edit, and we’re both hoping to have Elven Blood available on audio by the end of August – maybe sooner!  That will make the first three books of the Imp Series available on audio.

After that, Angela will get right to work on Devil’s Paw. We plan to have the first five books in the Imp Series up by the end of the year.  So all you listeners be ready!  I’ll announce on my website when they’re up for sale.


  1. I just sent a note to ACX asking them for an update. We hit “publish” on August 29th, so hopefully it will be out any day now!

  2. I have listened to the first two books on Audible and im ready for more. When do you think they will have this available?

  3. Makes total sense. Now I just have to steal the blue box from that Doctor guy. . .

    • Thomas

    • 10 years ago

    Would it be possible for you to retroactively release all the audiobooks yesterday?

    I mean spontaneously putting all your books in audio form and a little time travel isn’t asking THAT much is it?

  4. Thank you both!
    When I decided to do audio editions, I listened to about a dozen auditions. I loved Angela’s voice right off the bat, but wanted to make sure (since I knew the person I hired would be doing 6 books). So I pulled together a group of people – a mix of audio book listeners and those who had read and loved the Imp books, and we sat down with notecards, pens, a growler full of beer, and snacks. The moment they heard Angela’s audition, they all shouted “She’s the one. She’s Sam!” And I offered her the job that night.

    • suzi

    • 10 years ago

    So exciting! I really like the deliberate speech pattern of your narrater.

    • Trace Abrams

    • 10 years ago

    Awesome! Very excited about that. Your writing and your narrator are fantastic!

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