1. The family (myself, wife and girl-child), spent a few hours watching a Duck Dynasty marathon together, had dinner, joked and laughed alot. After girl-child decided she had enough and wanted some sleep, the wife and I watched some Star-Trek: Deep Space Nine, then we went to bed. I figured I would rather be asleep when the world blew up.

    1. If I had to watch TV on the last day ever, I’d probably fire up the pay per view porn channels. Might as well. Not like I’ll be here when the bill comes.

    • sock bun

    • 10 years ago

    I’m pretty sure the end of the world started last week, based on how cray cray my work week was. Signal 13s, more fatal accidents, double the amount of domestic assaults and DUIs, and another Use of Force report for me for the fight I was in with a 250 lb woman, (which I won, btw). Tonight I have the night off and I plan on barricading myself in the house with my favorite Cabernet and lots of re-loads.

    1. Congrats on your sumo-wrestling win this week. Of course, that was all just practice leading up to the big day!
      I’m actually glad you’re off tonight. That way you won’t be the one responding to the “drunk and disheveled” call at Max’s. Come by if your Cab runs out and you need a beer.

        • sock bun

        • 10 years ago

        If it was any other Friday night off, I’d meet you guys. I think it’s best that I stay home with Sock Bun unfurled. If anyone were to bump into me at the bar and spill my beer, it would wind up being a “shots fired” call.

        1. Totally understand. Nothing makes me want to break out the 9mm like a spilled beer.

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