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Earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and have all new covers designed for my Imp Series.  I checked out a dozen designers and chose Phatpuppy Art.  I love the covers they’ve done on other fantasy novels, and felt it was well worth the investment.  I put the same care into choosing a typographer for give my paperbacks a beautiful layout, and my type a special zing.  The Bookish Brunette did an awesome job!

There are six novels and one novella in the Imp series, and I wanted them done all at once so I could have the same model on the covers, and a consistency in look.  TaDa!  Here they are:

A Demon Bound Cover

For my debut novel and the first in the series, I wanted a dramatic cover.  Sam plays with lightning in one scene, so this is perfect!  I love the contrasting colors of the sky and how the lightning bolt stands out along the front the the page, leading the eye right to the title.



Satan's Sword Cover

For Satan’s Sword, I wanted something showing Sam’s demon wings.  There is a scene where she manifests her wings, and flies along the C&O canal and Potomac River at night.  I really love the dusky tone, and how her wings contrast with the dress.  And the red font is a bold touch.



The Imp prequel was a real challenge.  It’s a coming-of-age novella where Sam hasn’t taken on her female human form yet – she’s still an adolescent demon in Hel.  If the artist used the model from the other covers, it would have been anachronistic.  I suggested Az/Sam’s 3 headed dragon form, but the artwork looked too fierce for the tone of the book and the character.  After some brainstorming we decided on this.  Sam’s first human Own was an elderly man, hence the figure on the road.  I love the warm bright tone, and the flash of light from the gate.  I may wind up with a poster of this one.

Elven Blood CoverFor Elven Blood, the artist suggested more of a close-up to differ from the other covers.  The model did a great job on this shot – her worried, serious expression and hypnotic eyes really convey how Sam is being pulled in every direction in this book.  The huge moon rising among the trees, and the gravestones in the background are in keeping with the story.


There are more, but you’ll have to wait to see them!  Devil’s Paw is in edit right now and should be out late September.  I’ve just begun to write Imp Forsaken, which should be released early November.  And the last in the series, Angel of Chaos, will be out spring 2014.

But don’t fret!  There will be spin off novels from the Imp world, starting with No Man’s Land (December 2013)  That’s quite a schedule, so I better get writing!

Please let me know what you think about the novels and/or the covers.  I love hearing from readers!


  1. Sorry, but I only have the higher resolution on the e-book covers.

    • 7OOTnegaTerces

    • 8 years ago

    I really like your Imp Series and am slowly collecting it in audiobook format. Do you have large resolution audiobook covers in the old style (like what’s on audible, but 2500×2500 pixels like the non audiobook cover on smashwords)?!?

  2. Thanks Liv!

  3. They’re all so cool! Can’t wait to see the rest…

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