It's gonna change, so don't bother with the 800x magnification
It’s gonna change, so don’t bother with the 800x magnification

That would be me.

I posted earlier about a plotting/writers’ group that two local authors and I had informally put together.  Just us, for two hours in a closed community college student center, pouring over giant pads of paper, laptops, and brightly colored sticky notes while the long-suffering security guards eyed us suspiciously.    I promised that I’d blog about my attempt to rehabilitate my pantser writing style into a more efficient, semi-plotter one.  Yeah. That.

One of our group asked for a critique of her first 20 pages, wanting especially to know if her main characters came across as engaging.  I’d read the pages ahead of time and typed my notes, so I’d like to think I came across as moderately articulate and that my feedback was helpful.  The author seemed to be taking lots of notes, which could mean my feedback was helpful, or that she was furiously scribbling “this woman is insane

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