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There are times when I wonder what century I’m living in.  I’d like to hope that the experiences Ann Aguirre blogged about below are dying, fading remnants of asshattery, but I’m very much afraid gender discrimination is alive and kicking. _________________________________________________________________________

“… I was excited when I found out I had been put on a SF panel at Comic-Con. I went, full of excitement and anticipation. But once I got there, I found more of the same. The moderator checked the pronunciation of the names of all male guests. (They were all male except me.) She did not ask me–and she got it wrong. Then in introducing me? She called me “the token female


  1. I know so many guys that are just as upset over this woman’s treatment as I am. We really need to come together to make sure this sort of thing dies out with the old T-Rex.

  2. I fought for gender equality all my life, and seemed to be making progress until the turn of the millennium.

    But there seems to be a resurgence of bigotry, and the United States has it.

    Since bigotry seems to be a component of a lower IQ, it say bad things about adult white males in this country!

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem of minorities. I guess we just have to keep slogging, and hoping they wise up.

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