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Good news, and more Good news!

Sins of the Flesh CYMK Final Cover small

Sins of the Flesh – Release date: May 30, 2015

Maui has never been so hot.

The Hawaiian Islands in spring should be a romantic paradise, but along with rekindled passion Amber and Irix discover a magical spell gone horribly wrong.

Two sex demons could set Maui aflame with desire, but there’s another creature with a more lethal inferno planned. Defeating it and saving the island will take all of Amber’s newfound powers, as well as the help of friends new and old.  Especially since there’s more to this enemy than first meets the eye.

Yes, that’s May 30th folks, a whole 10 days prior to when I originally said the release date would be.  How, you ask?  I’m not doing a pre-order on this book, that’s how.

Put down the pitchfork and let me explain.  With pre-orders, I need to set a release date in stone and have the fully completed novel loaded on the distribution site 10 days before release date.  That’s 10 days that you could be reading my book, but instead are waiting.  And, as was the case with Three Wishes, sometimes the stars align and I finish early.  This way you get the book even sooner!   (Yes, I plan on doing this with Kingdom of Lies too).

So, how do you make sure this book is in your hot little hands the moment it hits the presses?  Sign up for my New Releases e-mail list.  No spam, just an e-mail with buy links on release day.

And while your at it, sign up for Debra’s Demons.  You’ll get early cover reveals and excerpts that NO ONE ELSE gets, plus swag, swag, and more swag.  It costs you nothing but your e-mail address, and your undying loyalty.

New Release List.  Debra’s Demons.  Go. Do. Now.  And let the chaos rain down upon us!


    • The Jerk

    • 9 years ago

    That is more exciting than a basket of rats. Well… almost

  1. I’m review Angel of Chaos audio files this month! If all goes smoothly, we should have it available by the end of the month – fingers crossed.
    Other book will probably come closer to the end of the year since I’ll be auditioning narrators for those.

    • Some Jerk

    • 9 years ago

    Sorry to suddenly go all boring on you… how are the audios coming? They are really helpful at work, and I have heard the rest too many times to listen to them again. I thought it would be rude to post that on your FB page… but I am eagerly awaiting the Imp World novels and Angel Of Chaos in Audio.

    • Some Jerk

    • 9 years ago

    Ooops… I missed that part (sign up to get excerpts). Now you know why I am a jerk!

    • Some Jerk

    • 9 years ago

    any chance you will be posting an excerpt to wet our appetites?

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